My Favorite Hair Product. Period.

I use this product so much that  I naturally assume everyone knows about it. However, last week I was on set and had two different people told me they have never heard of Oribe or Oribe Dry Texture. I need to make sure this isn’t happening elsewhere in the world and thus I feel the need to write this blog.
Oribe is an amazing hair care line that not only offers great hair products that work well, but they are also the most amazing smelling hair products out there. Oribe Dry Texture spray is hands down my favorite hair product. Period. If I was going to be sent to a desert island and could only have three things, it may even be one of the three items I chose to bring. It’s that much of a game changer. I use it on myself, on set and I tell all my friends about it. It’s that product.

Reasons I’m in love:

1. the texture and grit it gives to my hair.

You know when you first wash your hair it it has that soft feel that just doesn’t really want to do anything. This product puts just enough into your hair to give it oomph without feeling overly producty.

2. It can pretty much replace hair spray and does not leave hair feeling crunchy.

I spray dry texture in my roots any time I need some lift. I also spray it in my bangs and around my hair to give my hair enough hold to stay in place naturally.

3. It benefits all hair types and textures.

After I introduced April to Oribe she has never been more excited about the way something helped her fine hair. It gave her a thickness and fullness that she needed to give her hair more life.

However, I have totally different hair than April and feel exactly the same way about the product. My hair is pretty thick and wavy and Oribe breaks up my waves, also gives it a full feeling and gives my hair grip to tease or plump if I want to without being weighed down.

Click here for a video I made about how I do my beachwaves, so that you guys can see how I use Dry Texture on a daily basis. Email me at [email protected] with any questions!

Find Oribe here.

Find the wand I use for beach waves here.




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  1. Candice brought hers to Pickwick and used it on my hair and I LOVE it! My hair is naturally curly but I love to straighten it from time to time…but its so thick and heavy, that it weighs it down. It gave me a lot of volume and I loved it! And it smells fantastic…I totally need to invest in this!

  2. Yes! I discovered Oribe texture spray last month after seeing it on a YouTube tutorial! My hair is thick and stick straight and this adds soooo much volume and hold when I curl my hair! It also smells divine.. I totally agree with your post!!

  3. Hi Kelly! I wanted to know the product you use for beachwaves. I clicked the link in this post, however it says product unavailable. Would you let me know what that product is? Thank you!

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