My fitness attire has always involved flowy tops, but being five months pregnant has really sent me on a search for the best flowy workout tops. My search started at Carbon38 and of course they had what I was looking for. I also love the stripes they are using right now. Check out the detail on the arm of my cardi.

Keep scrolling for my weekly workout.

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Olivia’s Pyramid Workout

Do each exercise 30 times during set 1. 20 times during set 2. 15 times set 3…10 set 4…5 set 5…

Start: Cardio 5 Mins. Recommended Stationary Bike; moderate pace mins 1+5, increase intensity during mins 2-4.

– Weighted bent over ‘Y-to-T’ raise.
Slightly bend knees with back flat. Holding a low weight (5-10lbs) raise arms straight out to a ‘Y’ position, moving to a ’T’ position, then place arms back down. You can find an example video here.
– Weighted Bulgarian Squats
With one foot on a raised surface, weights held down by side. Bend leg down until front knee is slightly over ankle. Push back up. Switch Legs and repeat. For set one you will do 30 on Right Leg, 30 on Left Leg, then go to the next exercise. You can find an example video here. Of course the guy in the video isn’t wearing a shirt.
– Incline Pushups
Pushups with hands on a box or a raised surface. You can find an example video here.
– Squat Shuffle
Staying in a squat position, squat-step down and back. (for set 1, you will go the 30 steps to the left, 30 steps to the right. Any combo works as long as the you get the full number in each set.) You can find an example video here.
preggo workout
– Tricep Dips
– Fire Hydrants/Bird Dog

End: 5 Mins of Stretching.
xo – Olivia


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