Design (ad)Vice – How To Make Smoking Cool In Your Home Decor

You know those girls you meet that just get it? Like their taste, their vibe, everything is just on point.

My friend, Brittney Forrister (another Britt) is just one of those girls. She currently works for Everything But The House and previously for Garden & Gun and she is also an avid vintage finder and collector on the side. In the spirit of collaborations, I just had to have her give some insight on the Interiors front because she just has the coolest taste. Today is the first post from her four post series of all things vintage, interiors and just plain cool.

*Also, this is a different Brittney(notice the spelling), than the fitness Brittany. I’m all about some Brittney/Brittany’s lately!


I like to think I’m a rebel. All sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Taking things too far and too hard for the thrill of it. The truth is, the only bad-ass bragging rights I own amount to a stack of speeding tickets, and a rack of danced down heels. Heavy on the pedal but otherwise, I’m a good girl. I have such an attraction to vice, though, and while I’m mostly chicken IRL, I find I’m more daring in my design. If you’re like me and want to feel like you live on the edge, or if you really do cross the line and want to pay homage to your rebel heart, I’ll be featuring ways to turn bad habits into good design for Velvet’s Edge. First up, Cigarette Chic because, The Met Gala Bathroom.

Design (ad)Vice – Smoke

I only smoke when I design. Some would argue it’s a gross habit and no longer cool, but tell me that in a neon-induced coma over a glass of whiskey. Smoking is iconic, and while I highly discourage taking up the habit, I’m all for a smoke in mirrors approach to my home. From captured photos of strangers taking a smoke break, to repurposed accessories and graphic art, here are some favorite ways to add some haze to your home without the health risks.

Where there’s smoke, there’s neon and you can play on both ends of the ‘grit to glamour’ spectrum.

A cliche is a cliche for a reason – it resonates enough to be massively popular, and a well-captured drag is one of the cooler ones. To avoid being completely predictable, I like finding images like the image below that are not celebrity centric, but some of the best, Kate Moss, Steve McQueen, Bridget Bardot , Kylie Jenner (yep, are you paying attention?) are easy to find online! (Click names to go to links)If you have old family photos with a vice captured, use those to create an inexpensive art piece, or search flea-markets, thrift stores and estate sales for vintage photographs. Old advertisements from an era when smoking was the equivalent of today’s phone scroll for avoiding small talk.


Use a vintage ashtray (or if you shop dangerously, buy one of these) as a candy dish or catchall for keys and coins.Use a collection of vintage ashtrays as tealight holders for a casual table-setting. If you happen to find the larger Mid-Century Modern ashtrays, use those for holding fresh fruit or as a bread plate.Leave the grill lighter in the kitchen drawer. Light your candles with collected matchbooks. They add color to an end table or bathroom shelf and most are small pieces of fantastic graphic design. I found this vintage Gucci matchbook on ebay but you can find other vintage matchbooks on a host of different resale sites.If you are looking to be a little more subtle with your smoke, opt for a coffee table book with a cig cover image like this one.

As it goes, all in moderation. If you’re going to light up a room, make sure you only choose one or two of the options above.

Too much is too much – with themes and nicotine.


Click the pics to shop these smoking art pieces and ashtrays:

Save $600 and frame the smoking nuns “Dirty Habit” yourself, click here for the unframed version.

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