How & Where To Apply Blush

Well, I’m a little delayed in getting this third part of the Flawless Skin Series up. Sincere apologies folks. It’s been a busy month.

I will say that this question seems to perplex a lot of you guys. Where do I apply blush??

As it was with the other flawless skin questions, this one does not have a one size fits all answer. It really does depend on your face shape. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying blush that may be helpful to think about:

  1. The whole point of blush is to brighten your face and cheekbones, so think about that when applying. How do you most accentuate your cheekbones? Do you have a long face and need to create a rounder look? Or is it the opposite?
  2. Blush doesn’t only have to be applied to your cheeks. I love to add it to my temples, my chin and the crease of my eyes for added warmth all over my face.
  3. When picking your blush color, pick something in the same family as your lip color that day or night. This will help keep a cohesive makeup look.

Here is a video with a general application technique that can be used for blush. Remember to blend, blend, blend using circular motions around the edges!

Click the pics for blush & lip stain:

Lip Color is ‘Eternite’ ; Blush Color is ‘Tigerlily’


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