April’s current CB2 crush

I don’t do office design often, but when I do I love when the client wants a non-office vibe. This is the office of one of Nashville’s top music managers, Mary Hilliard. So that alone explains why this office has amazing views and a good amount of edge and actually velvet.:) People that saw this space in person were shocked to find out that the table and chairs were from CB2, so I decided to do an entire post dedicated  to what I am loving at CB2. Keep scrolling to find out my faves.


April’s Office Look

The console is a beautiful Italian piece, that unfortunately is hard to get and very $$$. To find the CB2 pieces I used in this space, click on images below.

April’s other favorite CB2 pieces.


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    1. ahhhhh just saw this was part of crate and barrel. sorry, im slow this morning and going on day 9 of being sick. good times.

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