All Black Kitchens, yes please.

I have been designing long enough to see a white on white kitchen (like the one I designed for myself) and think ….. meh. White kitchens ARE what most people are comfortable with, especially in the South, but when I’m designing an all white kitchen I have to really stretch my creativity for it to look any different than the millions of all white kitchens on Pinterest. I’m starting to think that a NEW take on an all white kitchen can’t be done. But maybe I will prove myself wrong.

Because I am not a color girl, I’m really obsessing over black kitchens. The picture in the header photo is a kitchen I designed for a super edgy music manager in Nashville, TN. In Nashville, there aren’t many people that will say, yes April I will trust you and let you do my kitchen in all black. So I was more than excited when this client agreed. I was faced with painting existing cabinets. If you are thinking of going in the black kitchen route and you need to paint your existing cabinetry I use Caviar by Sherwin Williams and love it.

The designers (pictured below) were definitely not painting existing cabinets. I literally am so passionate about their door selections, that I want to call up all of my existing clients and beg them to let me rip out their cabinetry and use a sleek, modern, no hardware cabinet kind of door. Take a scroll through these killer black kitchens and if you aren’t in a place or daring enough to try it yourself, you can live vicariously through these people, like I do.

black kitchen8
Interior Design: Raya Todorova
black kitchen7
black kitchen5
black kitchen6
Design Milk


black kitchen
Interior Design: David Mann

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  1. Lady, yours is by far the prettiest of all those designs! I wasn’t one for an all black kitchen, but your design makes me second guess myself entirely!

  2. This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to paint my kitchen black, but my boyfriend won’t let me! Maybe these photos will sway his opinion.. thanks for sharing!

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