Quarantine Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Obviously this Mother’s Day will be a little different than the rest. It’s hard to know what to gift someone when life really isn’t the way we are used to it being. I put together some ideas for Mother’s Day that will make her social isolating a little more pleasant and enjoyable. It’s the little things these days that speak most to the heart. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mom’s out there!

Here’s the truth, none of us are dressing up anymore. If you are wearing more than yoga pants, sweatpants or pj’s…..you are a superwoman just for that. Dressing cozy can also be cute. I’m loving these loungewear and pajama options for Mother’s Day gift ideas.



If this isn’t a time to make sleep satisfying, I don’t know what is. These Silk pillowcases and eye masks are like heaven for sleep and the greatest addition to making quarantine sleep a new experience.

Speaking of sleep, weighted blankets are all the rage for a solid, substantial night of sleep. This one also has a cooling agent, so that the weight doesn’t feel too stuffy.

If you guys are anything like my people, we have been watching tons of movies and getting cozy on the couch. I love this blanket as a snuggling option for those moments that also looks cute in the house.

Obviously we are also all cooking A LOT more than usual. Might as well make it fun and cute with a cute apron and fun measuring cups.

There have also been a lot more happy hours happening at my house……I love a pretty glass to drink wine from. These are some of my favorite options for mom.

Sorry, not sorry. Keep Mom and everyone else happy and healthy and fashionable with a cute face mask!

Moisturizing Gloves For Dry Hands

Another symptom of coronavirus isolation is extremely dry hands from hand washing. I’ve been using these moisturizing gloves at night to give my hands a refresh. It helps them look young and puts the moisture back in. I even have my boyfriend wearing them! These would make a great gift for mom and I got you guys a discount code for 20% off. Code is VE20 at checkout. Click here to shop!

Key Finder Key Chain
If your mom can be a bit unorganized or a spacey…..

Since taking a walk is basically the new way to get out of the house, get her a fit bit to track her steps and set some fun goals with it.

If your wife/mom is one who loves jewelry, this bracelet is cool and loving. It would make such a great gift for any of the women in your life.

For the sentimental Mom or anyone with small children, I love the idea of these handwriting bracelets in your child’s handwriting. Have them write “love you” or send in the writing from a gift card they signed and make it into a bracelet Mom could wear all year long.

The book is great for those with small children or anyone who wants to tell Mom just why they love her so, so much.

Last, but certainly not least:
Pack a picnic basket full of goodies to get the entire family out of the house for a quarantine break. Then take this pretty journal and write down your favorite memories and stories with mom. Read them aloud to her or have her read them when you guys go on the picnic. My boyfriend did this for me for Christmas this year and started a journal of his favorite memories with me. It was not only the best gift I’ve ever received, but it made me so happy I cried and now anytime I’m sad or missing him or just having a bad day, I pull out the journal to make me smile. We now both continue to add memories that come up and will always have it to look back on. I just know this gift screams MOM and mom’s deserve all the love, y’all!

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