Sexual Healing During Quarantine

There are lots of things that have changed in all of our lives during this pandemic. I’ve been through waves of ups and downs, but most days try to find the positives. Some days that means doing nothing, some days that means focusing on some areas where I can put my energy and focus on growth. If you listen to the Velvet’s Edge Podcast, you recently heard my conversation with life and sexuality coach, Morgan Day Cecil. (listen here) This was one of my favorite conversations I have had in a long time and I personally learned SO much about healing sexually and spiritually and owning my own needs and desires. I find this to be a really interesting topic to contemplate right now, while we are all at home. Whether you are single or in a relationship, this area of sexuality and intimacy is one I think most of us can do some work around. Morgan was kind enough to send me some of her top resources that she uses with her clients for things to try alone (for healthy self touch) and things to try with your partner if you are in a relationship and looking to deepen your intimacy. Videos and explanations below! Comment or email me at [email protected] if you guys try any of the videos. Would love to hear your feedback!

Practices To Do with a Partner:
1. Tantra-Inspired Intimacy Building Practice:

“The Romance & Adventure Embodied Blessing”

Time Required: 8-12 min

Simple Set-Up: Watch the first 4 min of the video to get an overview of the practice. Then take turns receiving and giving the embodied blessing! Feel free to pause the video to take as much time as you need.

Props Needed: Comfortable place to sit across from one another, list of the 12 key phrases.

Embodied Key Phrases:

    1. I am with you.
    2. You are beautiful.
    3. You are more than enough.
    4. I accept you as you are.
    5. You are safe with me.
    6. I’ll keep you safe.
    7. I am for you.
    8. I’ve got you.
    9. I see you.
    10. I’ll take care of it.
    11. You are loved.
    12. You are so, so sexy to me.
Practices to do Solo:
1. Live on IG (@morgandaycecil)
Sensual Healing Essentials” Live Guided S.H.E. Power practices. ­čśë
2. Guided Meditation for Peaceful Confidence:

3. Guided Tender Self Touch Practice
With any of these practices, oil is a fabulous addition. I’ve partnered with Omax on their O-Shot CBD arousal oil. Relaxation plus arousal???? Yes, please. They are giving Velvet’s Edge readers 20% off with the code Kelly20.┬áClick here to shop!
For more, follow Morgan on Instagram here.
Let me know what you guys think! Do you want more of this kind of content??
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