What To Wear On Valentine’s Day-No Matter What The Plans

I have so many mixed emotions about Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t we celebrate and love our people every day of the year? Why do we have to force a “day of love?” And WHY are the colors of celebration red and pink!?!?

I can really get pissy about these sort of things, because DON’T BOX ME IN! However, this year I’ve decided to take a different approach. Let’s say Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers, but for friends, for you, for whatever and whoever you decide needs to be shown love that day. It could be a date night, a movie, a night out dancing with your girlfriends or a night celebrated happily alone and comfy on your couch for some “me” time. Whatever it is you decide love means to you this year, I have put together an outfit for the occasion. Hot looks, conservative looks, casual, dressy and of course pajamas……everything, anyone could need for some Valentine’s Day fashion inspiration! Check out my video below for the looks and click the pictures and links below that to shop!! Happy love day to everyone out there!

Unfortunately the LPA red faux fur coat I wore in the video already sold out, BUT here is a very similar coat that is a lot cheaper too! Find it here!

Name plate choker, featured with the red skirt look, find it here



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