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I feel like I am at an age where I have some really great staple pieces in my wardrobe. The truth is I have a lot of clothes in general. However, sometimes I walk in to my closet and just want one thing to spice things up. One necklace, one jacket, a new shoe……all of those things. Since my bank account can’t afford my creative vision for my closet, I have found ways to supplement my already existing wardrobe with pieces under $100 that give me the new clothes feel without having to live off of canned tuna and ramen noodles. Nasty Gal has been my go to lately for inexpensive, yet intersting pieces. The only disclaimer is that it can be a little embarrassing when the UPS man makes the drop off, not sure what would possess a clothing site to sound like a porno, but to each his own. Point blank, they have cute clothes.

Here are some pics from my latest wardrobe updates under $100 each. Let me please note, that I would NEVER wear this crop top/cami out in public the way I did in these pics (I do wear this cami as a bra almost everyday). However, for this shoot, our photog, Kelsey Cherry, convinced me that after fashion week she was certain the ultra crop top was the way to go. While I agree with her trend wise, my body can’t withstand the panic attacks that would happen if I tried to go this route publicly. So I will just put them on the internet and you can judge me in the privacy of your own home. Just don’t tell me about it…

Ok, here’s how I wore these looks under $100, PLUS over 20 more amazing options I found and love to update your wardrobe for the same price!

fringe 2

fringe 3

Find my shoes here….they don’t fall into the under $100 category šŸ™


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