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Trending in Fashion: Statement Boots

Look, I realize we did a post on boots not too long ago, but in my opinion you can’t ever get enough of a good boot. I was on set yesterday (I do hair, makeup and wardrobe styling) with an amazing little gal named Aubrie Sellers, who just has the coolest style. Aubrie and I were going through some clothes and I couldn’t stop dreaming about a few of the boots we were looking at. These boots were such statement pieces that the outfits hardly needed any accessories. The boots were the accessories and the footwear all in one. I’ve always been a huge fan of a statement shoe, shoes speak to me in that language. The language of “hi, I’m different, I’m awesome, I’m badass.” This is what shoes say to me. Some may call me a shoe whisperer of sorts.

Long story boring, the statement boot is where it’s at this fall y’all. It really doesn’t take much else in an outfit.  Jeans, a cool tee, a jacket and the boot. All black, and then the boot. A simple dress and then the boot. Let the boots do the walkin’ and the talkin’. Yep, you heard me. Here are some of my favorite statement boots out there right now:



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