Commitment to Self Love

The Pinky Promise You Never Knew You Needed

I have been such a big fan of the company, Fred & Far for over a year now and was so honored to have founder, Melody Godfred on the VE Podcast to talk about the self- love movement and motivation behind the company. If you have never heard of them, Fred & Far is a company that started these beautiful pinky rings as a representation of self love. The ring finger stands for commitment to another, the pinky ring stands for commitment to self. Here’s to the pinky promise you never knew you needed!

Since the focus on VE is this month is self love/self care, Melody was the perfect person to have on the podcast to talk about hitting a bottom and realizing that no matter how amazing her life, her job, her family was, if she didn’t provide herself with the love she needed, there would always be a deficit in her life.

The ring is worn as a reminder to love yourself throughout the day. I personally have been wearing mine everyday for a week now and I am not exaggerating when I say it truly has been that reminder for me. I look down and notice it’s beauty and it reminds me to think, “what do I need today?” I operate so many days thinking about what everyone else around me needs, so this reminder, to ask myself those simple questions, has been huge for me.

Melody has also recently written a book called the ABC’s of Self Love. If you’ve ever thought that you do want to add more acts of self care and self love in your life, but just don’t know how, I would highly recommend checking out this book. It is a great tool, full of insights and activities for getting to know yourself and learning the ways you can feed you soul. The things that are true to you and your authentic self. Find this book here or click the pic below!

You can shop Fred & Far pinky rings here! I also have a 15% discount code that is valid through February 15, 2019. Shop away! Just enter code: VELVETSEDGE at checkout!

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