How to create an epic bath set up!

How To Create An Epic Bath Set Up

After the craziness of the last months of 2018 and then the holidays, I have been putting the focus of January on self-care, self-love and setting intentions for this next year. I find that when I’m full and taking care of myself, I have much more to give to everyone else in my life. I have lots of different things I do as acts of taking care of myself and I will be sharing those throughout the month of January, but I have to say first and foremost one of my favorite things to do to replenish is take a really hot bath. Whether I read, talk to my friends on the phone or just sit there, a good bath is really soothing and peaceful to me. It’s all about your set up, so I’m linking ways on how to create an epic bath set up for yourself via salts, candles, facemasks, etc! Click the pics below to shop!

As most of you know from following VE, I am a terrible sleeper. However, I do find that adding a good soak to a hot bath at night really helps relax my body and promote deeper sleep. Here are some of my faves:

The cutest way to keep that weave (or regular hair) dry while bathing:

Baths are also great times to take care of your skin. I love scrubs and a good loofah for exfoliating off the dead skin and leaving my skin silky smooth:

I also try to maximize my downtime and add in something for my face, like a face or lip mask or even a good jade roll session:

Loving these candles to set the vibe, but also because they look cool as hell:

Natural wash to keep things extra clean:

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