How Kelly Wore It: This Summer’s Favorite Dress

Every summer I look for the dress that is going to be that summer’s favorite dress of mine. I am sad that it took me until August this year to find it, but happy because I found it. I’ve still got time to wear it out. This dress is from Urban Outfitters and only cost $79. I like it because it’s comfy and something you could throw on quickly, but also sexy at the same time. I added a belt and some fringe shoes by Matisse that I will also be wearing with the rest of my outfits this summer cuz they are awwwwweeeesssssome (and 40% off in the link I posted below!)Here’s how I wore it!

dress 3

dress 1

dress 2

dress shoe pic

dress and purse

dress and necklace


Necklace by All the Wire: find it here


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