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Happy Wednesday. Let’s get to the important stuff first.

Spoiler: JoJo chose Jordan in the least surprising end to a Bachelor/Bachelorette season in recent years. JoJo came into the show wanting to marry a trustworthy man who wouldn’t break her heart…so obviously she chose the guy with a shady dating history who was evasive about getting married. More importantly, the After The Final Rose special didn’t answer the one question my entire watch party wanted to know: who did JoJo’s boob job? VE nominates that guy for the next bachelor… or bachelorette, of course.

A new study shows that men in academia cite their own work 70% more often than women. That’s a huge number, and given that number of citations are one way to measure a study’s impact and importance, this puts female academics at a disadvantage. But it doesn’t surprise me for two reasons. The first is that, in my experience, women are worse at self-promotion than men. The second is men think they’re experts in everything (a truth I first learned in 9th grade when a boy on the school bus insisted that periods, not menstrual cycles, lasted for 28 days), so they certainly wouldn’t shy away from claiming expertise in their own academic fields.

The lesson here is that humility is not for the work place. So let’s continue with the best news and entertainment column on the ENTIRE internet…

The Perseid Meteor Shower reaches its peak on August 12th, perfectly timed for a romantic Friday night date. Grab a bottle of wine, drive out of the city to get away from lights and buildings, and settle into the back of a truck for a couple of hours after dark. No thanks needed, guys who read SYSK. All I ask is not to be invited to the baby showers that follow.

What I love this week: Here’s an incredible story about 3 sisters living in a homeless shelter who are competing in the Junior Olympics in track. The three girls, Tai, Rainn, and Brooke, just started running last January and were discovered shortly thereafter. The girls’ mother, who answers phones for a car service, hopes their athletic abilities will get them to college—a privilege she knows she couldn’t give them otherwise. I love that these girls have a bright future in an otherwise hard life and, even better, that they get to experience it together.

Speaking of the Olympics, the opening ceremonies are this Friday night. The world’s most talented athletes are descending on Rio de Janeiro hoping to win gold for strongest immune system. Best of luck to them.

See you next week.


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