How Kelly Wore It: Your Bestie Tee

Couple things:

1. You know when you order clothes online and you finally get them in the mail and then you try everything on and it’s even cuter in person than it was online? It’s probably one of my most favorite feelings ever (not dramatic at all) and that happened with this outfit. More on why in just a sec…

2. The second thing is this, I love the Olsen twins. They are definitely my second biggest girl crush, obviously coming in behind Beyonce, which feels almost too obvious to write out. #duh

So, I love the Olsen twins and think this shirt is a really cute alternative to a bestie necklace or ring or friendship bracelet. Whatever it is that you kids are doing these days. Also in this outfit are these high-rise jeans with front multi-buttons. I’ve honestly been looking for something like this, but was doubly-excited (pretty sure I just made up that word) when I found them for under $100. They are also that really great amount of stretch that some denim has so they won’t stretch out in that frustrating way after wearing them all day and are actually really comfortable.

Last, but CERTAINLY not least are these shoes. Scroll down and check out that pic. Yep, that’s right. I know. They are amazing. I wore them for the first time yesterday and legitimately got stopped three times to ask who made them. I love a statement boot, so I’m all about these. I will say they run a little big, so if you are in between two sizes, go smaller. Or you can do like I did and put a little foot pad inside.

Here’s how I wore it!



Click on the pics to shop the look!

Lipstick Color is “Roman”


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