How April Wore It: Swing Dresses

So, based off one of the many sweet comments on my instagram announcement photo, I now know that some people are further along in their pregnancy than I am…… and still not showing. To all of you lucky people, please don’t ever be dumb enough to say that out loud to someone who is showing already.

I eat lots of Chick-fil-a… I admit it. But I’m happy, Everly is happy and I will worry about my figure after she is born. Until then, I’ve really been scoping out the swing dresses. So keep scrolling for my look and some super affordable swing dresses. PS. you don’t have to be pregnant to wear swing dresses. Because I borrowed the one I am wearing below from a friend who is in great shape and not pregnant. And now all I want to wear is a swing dress.

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My Look

Favorite Swing Dresses on ASOS


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  1. Girl……you look amazing pregnant and coming from someone who has had 4 babies….showing off your magestic bump is one of the privileges of carrying your precious package! Enjoy all of the doors opening and doting glances from adoring baby fans you’ll encounter during this time. It is a miracle what our bodies transform in to and you can go back to being like everyone else soon enough. But for now….relish in the delight of doing something truly magical….creating a life!

  2. YES!!! People need to stop being stupid!! Bumps are amazing no matter how big or small!!!! And you look amazing in this swing dress!!

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