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The Best Natural Remedy For Smelly Underarms

The topic of natural deodorant is nothing new to Velvet’s Edge. The debate on the effects of aluminum (found in most regular anti perspirants) is real, yet it is still somewhat hard to fathom that such a toxic chemical wouldn’t be absorbed by our bodies when placed on our biggest organ (our skin) every single day. It is especially concerning for women who shave their armpits and may have an occasional nick or wound.

Yet even still, with all of that said, deodorant seems like a necessity, especially if you don’t want to smell and still the biggest complaint about natural deodorant is that one may work for a month or two, but then it just didn’t anymore.

After trying almost EVERY natural deodorant made to man, I accidentally stumbled Poetic Pits Underarm Charm, by Living Libations and feel like I may have finally found the solution to the pit problem.  Poetic Pits is different in that it’s and oil made with the purest essential oils that work to balance the bacteria that causes the body odor smell when you sweat. So while it will not stop you from sweating, it will help balance any odor that your body may produce from that. Before you stress too hard about the sweat, remember that sweating is good for our bodies. It is how your body cools itself down and releases toxins – so actually your deodorant shouldn’t prevent you from sweating like an aluminum filled anti-perspirant.

How Poetic Pits Different

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Defying commercial deodorants everywhere, Poetic Pits is a 100% natural, organic deodorant made with elixir essential oils including sandalwood, douglas fir, and cardamom. Refreshing and warm with green hints of spice, and everything nice. Poetic Pits works with your unique personal scent to unleash an aroma of underarm charm that is uniquely you.

Now with Rose Quartz, instead of plastic, for the rollerball! Besides this gemstone being the cherry on top of an already amazing Libation, Rose Quartz is a beautiful, balancing pink silica stone that resonates with the heart chakra.


I use Living Libations Poetic Pits – Rose
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Living Libations Poetic Pits

I’ve been so in love with the Poetic Pits that I had Nadine Artemis, the found of Living Libations on the Velvet’s Edge Podcast to talk about more of her products and natural remedies. She even gave me natural solutions for cellulite and melasma. Click here to listen to or search ‘Velvet’s Edge’ wherever you listen to podcast.

For more about the health reasons of why I made the switch from regular to natural deodorant, check out my previous post – HOW TO DETOX YOUR ARMPITS AND SWITCH TO A NONTOXIC DEODORANT


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