Free The Nipple

The Impact the of the Free the Nipple Movement

The Free the Nipple movement is nothing new, it officially started in 2012 when director Lina Esco was making a film by the same title. The intention was to bring to light the laws that focus around the fact that bare women’s nipples are considered taboo, while men’s are not. Free the Nipple campaign is part of a larger mission to reclaim women’s bodies, sexuality and safety. The timing now is right on track with the campaigns main focus being on equality and empowerment of all human beings. 

Nowadays, the movement continues to grow because of influencers and celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Thorne and  Rhianna who regularly free the nipple and support the movement #freethenipple on their social media making sure the world takes notice. Check out 18 Times Celebrities Freed the Nipple (NSFW)

This is the major kicker, this obsession with nipples and wanting to expose them has brought about increase in nipple augmentations. Yes, you read that correctly. NIPPLE AUGMENTATION. Some plastic surgeons are now doing procedures to offer “designer nipples.” Apparently, the most frequent request is for nipples like Kendall Jenners which can be crafted using filler. One patient even cited Kendall Jenner as having ideal nipples, remarking that she loved the “pointiness” of Jenner’s nipples, and adding that they look “sexy and feminine” through her shirt. 

The movement is making fashion designers take note as well. Sheer fabrics and eschew bras were a highlight of recent fashion weeks. Isa Arfen along with other international fashion houses sent models down with catwalk with bare breasts proving that nipples are definitely on trend. 

We at VE support Free The Nipple.  A classy, subtle nipple can be sexy and also freeing. For multiple options and ways to support the movement boldly or subtly, see our picks below. Click the pics below to shop!

How will you support the movement?

You’re all in – #freethenipple…

You will go braless, but not yet bare it all…

You don’t mind wearing something sheer, but you aren’t ready to show your nipple just yet…

You want to support the movement with a statement…

What are your thoughts on the Free the Nipple movement? Share in the comments.


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  1. Kelly . . . as a guy/gentleman, it is almost impossible to comment on this post as it will be construed as being from either a 1) pervert, 2) chauvinist, or 3) a typical guy. But here goes (as I am not one of the three) . . . I applaud the movement as it addresses social norms that have been antiquated in our society for such a long time, norms established by men. How can it be that what is acceptable for one sex is deemed inappropriate for the other? It makes no sense in the current stage of our culture and if there is ever to be normalcy and equality, all aspects of society and norms require challenging. Here is what I don’t applaud, though . . . in our society, when social media is involved, any movement or action to move us forward is always derailed by people believing that they are not good enough to meet the norm being showcased. What you get is a culture that is always trying to be like someone else instead of just being the best they can be, which is themselves. This new addiction to Kendall Jenner’s nipples is a prime example. Instead of wanting nipples like hers, just be happy with what you have. I would not be surprised to learn that the family created this campaign to build her popularity, not thinking about the residue impact it would have on so many other women who feel they need to have what she has to be popular. So sad! And for the record . . . strictly from a third party perspective . . . yours are FAR better than hers anyway! There you go . . . my two cents!

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