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The last month has been a crazy month of travel for me. As a hair and makeup artist, I am lucky enough to get to go to some pretty cool places and do some pretty cool things. I started in L.A. for a TV run with Dierks Bentley where we did things like The Talk and The James Corden Show. We then traveled to Vegas for a few days because Dierks was hosting this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards, which was a blast. After Vegas, I met April in Dallas for our annual blogger convention with Reward Style. I met so many awesome beauty brands there, cannot wait to share all of the new products I’m loving with you guys. My travels ended in Knoxville last night for a surprise show with Dierks again for CMT. Let me just say, all of UT fans are fun!

Today, I am honestly thrilled to be back in Nashville for a little bit of down time. Of course after being gone for so long, my kit needs a bit of restocking. Today, it was my personal stash that needed the most updating because there are just some products I cannot live without. The pic above are the hair products that I personally use on myself. If you follow this blog consistently, you have heard me talk about a few of them already. Here is the breakdown of what they are and why I love and need them for my hair. So happy to be back in stock!

From left to right (click product name to shop):

1. R & Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo:

I only wash my hair once or twice a week. By about day three, sometimes I need a little refreshing. I spray this dry shampoo in my roots and honestly sometimes all over if I am going to be curling it after. It gives it a little extra hold and I hate hairspray so sometimes I need that as my hair gets oilier. I love it because it smells amazing, it’s lightweight and the best thing is that it doesn’t leave any white residue. My hair is pretty dark, so this is definitely needed.

2. R & Co Dry Shampoo Paste:

This is my new love. I’ve talked about how I use it on my male clients a lot for grit and texture, but I also like it for me. I use it for volume in my roots instead of hairspray. It also smells amazing.

3. Oribe Dry Texture:

This is the one hair product I cannot live without. I even wrote an entire blog on my love affair with Dry Texture. Find it here.

4. Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo and Conditioner:

Like I said, I only shampoo and condition my hair once or twice a week, so when I do I need certain things. First things first, I need it to smell amazing. Second, I need it to have a lot of moisture and shine. Third, I need to protect my hair color and hightlights. This line is all of those things. I even love the moisture mask from the line for a monthly refresher. Find that here.

5. Moroccan Oil

Not pictured above, because I wasn’t out of this one, but I do use this product every time I shampoo my hair and before I blow dry. It gives me added moisture and shine and keeps my hair looking healthy. I’ve tried other oils, but always go back to this one because it doesn’t make my hair feel greasy and smells amazing.

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