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If you haven’t heard of Bandier Fit (especially their instagram), check them out because we love all of their creative workout photos. These are the first couple of pieces that I have tried from their site and I loved all of the pieces. In particular the sports bra and the leggings are my favorites. Check out my look below and my new favorite arm workout.

Bandier Fit6 Bandier Fit5 Bandier Fit4 Bandier Fit3 Bandier Fit2 Bandier Fit1 Bandier Fit

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Sports bra , mesh top, leggings, kicks

Quick Arm Workout

Round 1

– 5 min of cardio (anything will do)

– 10 weighted thrusters (weights in hands, hands around your shoulders, squat down, and then explode up and push your arms above head)

– 20 reverse lunges

Repeat 3x

Round 2

– 20 push ups (this can be done on your knees if necessary, just touch your nose to ground if you do it this way)

– 15 tricep pull downs or above head triceps (if you have bands you can do pull downs, if you have weights hold one heavier weight above head and bring the weight down toward your back)

Repeat 3x

Round 3

– 30 slow motion mountain climbers

– 30 alternating flutter kicks

– 10 plank raises

Repeat 3x

5 minutes of cardio to complete (any cardio will do)

– Olivia




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