The Natural Deodorant I’m Wearing Now

I’ve been on the natural deodorant kick for about a year now and I’ve started wearing a new one from Native that I’m super into. It’s taken me a minute to adjust, not gonna lie, but I definitely feel better about what I’m putting in my arm pit each day and doing something aluminum free. To read about why I changed and how I started, click here.

The one thing I will say I have found is that certain natural deodorants work for a little while (seems to be about 6 months) and then they stop. I have no proven research about why this is, but my bet would be that your body just adjust. This does not mean that deodorant will stop working forever though, it’s almost like you just have to switch it out for a bit and then it will work again. So basically what I have decided is to keep a couple in my cabinet and when one stops working, just switch it out for a couple months and alternate. I also keep a different kind in my travel kit then I wear when I am at home, this way I’m switching it up when I’m on the road. Boom.

If you think this sounds like a lot of trouble, you should read about the effects of putting aluminum in your body everyday and all of the toxins that can put into your system.

My latest obsession in the natural deodorant world has been from the company I mentioned above, Native. To me, their scents are the strongest and best and I truly love the way they smell. I have also found that I sweat less when I’m wearing this deodorant. Their website has lots of deets on the awesome ingredients they use (click here for that) as well, as the toxic ingredients they don’t use. Whoop!

Here are a few other reasons I love Native and some links to shop!

Seasonal Scents 

If you are anything like me, the scents you like change with the seasons. Well, Native must have thought about that too because they offer new scents with each quarter. They still hold on to their OG’s, but add in four new scents with every season. I have been wearing the Lilac & White Tee, I LOVE it. Smells so good. Click the pics below for the Fall seasonal scents!

Scents for men

Shop for you and him in one place. Native has scents for both men and women. Get your honey off the aluminum train too. Some of my favorites from the men’s section, as well as the travel size pack and the 3 pack of different scents!

Pumpkin Spice

Speaking of seasonal scents, where all my basic bitches at???? Just kidding. I personally love Pumpkin Spice and have no shame about it. In fact, I would shout it from the rooftops if it wasn’t raining and cold outside in Nashville today. One of Native’s seasonal Fall scents is Pumpkin Spice. I mean, can you even????? Click the pic below to shop.

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