Quick Resistance Band Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Brittany Farrar is back to kick our booties once again. This latest workout is another quick one that you can do anywhere, all you need is a resistance band and timer, both are linked below!

The Resistance Band Workout

One of my favorite High Intensity Interval Training formats is “45/15s”.  You simply perform a movement for 45 seconds at full effort, and then take the last 15 seconds of the minute to recover. The 15 seconds won’t be enough, but you’ll start again on the next minute anyways because that’s the point of interval training. Lol.

All you’ll need in this workout in a resistance band and a timer (you can download a free ‘interval timer’ app on your phone that will allow you to make customizable intervals). If you hate counting reps, this workout is right up your ally!

Each one of the below Circuits will only take 4 minutes and will target a different muscle group. Here’s how it works:

Move 1: 45 seconds of work, 15 second recovery

Move 2: 45 seconds of work, 15 second recovery

Repeat each move once more for a total of 4 minutes.

Allow 1 full minute rest between Circuits until you complete all 5.

Circuit 1 –  (anchor band to something low. Ex: leg of a park bench, a desk or bed)

-band speed curls (x2) resistance band 1

-band tricep kickbacks (x2) – face the bands and grip the handles with palms facing down. Pull your elbows back so they are tucked next to your hips.  Extend your arms behind you while keeping your elbows in a locked position.

Circuit 2 – (band is anchored low)

-band chest press (x2) resistance band 2

-hand release pushups (x2) – your chest will come all the way to the floor on these. Release your hands from the floor and push yourself back up keeping your body as flat as possible.

Circuit 3 – (standing on band)

-band squats (x2) resistance band 3

-skinny/wide squats (x2) – perform a narrow squat and hop your feet out into a wide squat. Get low on both the “skinny” squat and the “wide” squat.  

– (standing on band)

-standing shoulder press (x2) resistance band 4

-plank up/downs (x2) – Start on your elbows and toes in plank position. Keep your hips as still as possible, push up with one hand then the other until you are propped up in a push-up position. Lower yourself into your elbow plank the same way. Make sure to alternate which hand you push up with!

Circuit 5 (cardio)

-skater hops (x2) resistance band 5

-L/R burpees (x2) – with the band on the ground forming a line, start with a burpee on the left side. Jump laterally over the band to the right side into your next burpee.

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Visit the App Store on iPhones for an ‘Interval Time App’ or just use a regular timer!

For more quick tips on workouts and food, find Brittany on Instagram here


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