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At 31 weeks pregnant I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much dress in all black cotton. But these new sheen leggings and sports bra from Carbon 38 were worth me putting on to show al of you girls that aren’t 7 1/2 months pregnant. This black tank could go either way, its long enough for working out because even non-pregnant I like to workout in longer tanks, and its long enough for my baby boy to fit in. Keep scrolling for my weekly workout.

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Olivia’s 80 Workout

You can divide up this workout however you wish. You can do all 80 reps at once or break them up into sets of 20 until you reach 80 reps. Just remember to do a light warmup and stretch.


80 weighted walking lunges

5 favorite workouts5

80 weighted sumo squats

80 side lunges (40 each leg) Example video here.

80 single leg squats (40 each leg) Example video here.

80 calf raises


5 favorite workouts1

80 donkey kicks (40 each leg)

weekly workout6 weeklyworkout

80 box jumps (or 40 step ups each leg)


80 second side planks each side

xo- Olivia




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