Olivia’s Five Month Secret

We have been holding onto a big secret at Velvet’s Edge, but it’s time to let you all in on it. I am 5 months pregnant! My doctor told my husband and me that it would be hard for us to get pregnant for various reasons. So you can imagine that we were shocked, surprised and so happy when we found out we were pregnant so quickly!

Morning sickness generally hits you in the first trimester,  and it hit me particularly hard. The first three months were marked by extreme exhaustion and nausea. This had a huge impact on my everyday life and especially my fitness routine. On an OK week I would workout MAYBE once so I’ve lost most of my muscle mass. It’s all more than worth it for this sweet baby, but now that I’m feeling better (besides having to pee every 30 minutes), I’m trying to get my workouts back on track. I’ll post modified workouts while I go through this special time of life, while keeping the same general structure. So for all of the expecting moms out there, check out one of those workouts below. If you aren’t pregnant, don’t worry! Just keep doing the unmodified version of my weekly workouts. Oh, and I may be posting some not so healthy recipes as well. Enjoy it while you can, right?

I’m so excited for you to come along on this new fitness journey with me. Let’s get started!

preggo workout4

Olivia’s Preggo Workout

Most of these moves involve a TRX, which I highly recommend during pregnancy, but in case some of you guys don’t have a TRX we will show other alternatives.


3 min walking lunges

Set 1:

preggo workout2
12 TRX Rows (regular rows if no trx)

Dumbbell workout5 Dumbbell workout4
12 weighted Kettle Bell Swings (15-20lbs) – you can also do this move with a single weight

Set 2:

Weighted Workout 12
12 TRX chest press (if you don’t have TRX you can do this move as pictured above)

5 favorite workouts5
12 weighted sumo squats

Set 3:

preggo workout
12 TRX tricep presses (If you don’t have TRX you can do this move as pictured above)

12 right leg donkey kicks
12 left leg donkey kicks

2 mins walking lunges to end

xo – Olivia

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