Olivia reppin Beyonce’s new fitness line

If you are a fitness or Beyonce fan you’ve probably already heard that Queen Bey launched a fitness line called Ivy Park, on Wednesday. Of course, I purchased a few pieces immediately and they are already sold out, but keep scrolling to find all of my favorites and my weekly workout. The pieces that I did buy are incredibly soft. The leggings, in particular, are very smooth and contouring to your legs and butt. Beyonce just does everything well!
ivy park2 ivy park1 ivy park
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Workout: Booty Werk for Beyonce
20 Min Workout Format, follow the times | add weight or modify as needed | break as needed | If your legs and butt don’t burn from this, you didn’t do it right!

0:00  1:00: High Knees
1:00  2:00: Squat Jumps (example video)
2:00  3:00: Mountain Climbers (example video)
3:00  4:00: Butt Kicks (example video)
4:00  5:00: Body Weight Squats 
5:00  6:00: Right Leg Step Ups (example video)
6:00  7:00: Tricep Push-ups or Dips
7:00  8:00: Left Leg Step Ups 
8:00  9:00: Burpees (example video)
9:00  9:30: Right Leg Single Leg Squats  (example video)
9:30  10:00: Left Leg Single Leg Squats
10:00  11:00: Kettle Bell Swings (example video)
11:00  11:30: Right Side Plank w/ Leg Raise (example video)
11:30  12:00: Left Side Plank w/ Leg Raise
12:00  13:00: Hip Raises (example video)
13:00  14:00: Alternating Reverse Lunge (example video)
14:00  14:30: Right Side Kicks (example video)
14:30  15:00: Left Side Kicks
15:00  16:00: Sumo Squats (example video)
16:00  16:30: Right Leg Donkey Kicks (example video)
16:30  17:00: Left Leg Donkey Kicks
17:00  18:00: Saw Planks (example video)
18:00  19:00: Ab Toe Touches (example video)
19:00  20:00: Stretch!

xo – Olivia

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