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This is “hopefully” my last post on VE with Driver in my belly and not in my arms! We are hoping he comes next week, but if not, ill see y’all again next Friday! This outfit is 100% the most comfortable and functional thing I have found since being pregnant, Beyond Yoga, you win! If you are pregnant buy these leggings and top now… or if you have a friend that’s pregnant, this is the perfect gift. I wear this running errands around town, working out, or even throwing a cute top on and wearing to dinner. As for my workouts, I am trying to be as active as possible to get my water to break! So I am doing long walks and a million squats! For those of you that aren’t pregnant, do this workout below for some killer summer legs.

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(click on images below to shop) *the blue backpack is sold out so I linked the pink and black versions

Weekly Workout

Since its basically 100 degrees in nashville, we are going to go with that number.
Warmup- 100 jumping jacks

Break these up however you want but in the end you will do:
100 Pistol Squats (50 each leg) (example video here)
100 Calf Raises (50 each leg)
Weighted Workout 11
100 Sumo Squats
5 favorite workouts7
100 Walking Lunges (50 each leg)
5 favorite workouts1
100 Donkey Kicks (50 each leg)
Ab and Butt workout3
100 Secs Plank (can switch between Straight Arm or Elbow)
I would do it like this:
50 Pistol Squats (25 each leg)
50 Calf Raises (25 each leg)
50 Sumo Squats
50 Walking lunges (25 each leg)
Repeat 1x
50 Donkey Kicks ( 25 each leg)
50 Sec Plank
Repeat 1x

xo – Olivia

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