Mixing up my workout gear during pregnancy.

I am 6 months pregnant and counting, which means my the days of tight leggings are on pause. I have fully converted to maternity leggings and I might not ever stop wearing them. They are the only things that feel even remotely comfortable and it’s hard to image a day when I will trade them back in for normal leggings. Lately, I’ve been mixing some of my pre-pregnancy workout gear with pieces I wouldn’t normally wear for working out. Check it out below and keep scrolling for my weekly workout.
Bandier Fit2
Pre-pregnancy top
 Same top but worn a different way.
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This week’s Full Body Workout
SET 1:
15 Bent Over Rows
preggo workout2
8 High Pulls 
– Stand up straight with feet a little ore wide than hips, toes slightly pointed out, and holding one weight with both hands straight down in front. Squat down and pull weight straight up body, elbows out, until weight is under chin. Lower down and repeat. Find example video here.
Repeat 4x’s

SET 2:
12 Step Up’s with Weight (6 each leg)
24 Tricep Kick Backs
preggo workout
Repeat 4x’s

SET 3:
60 sec Wall Sit (LEGS)
60 sec Plank (FULL BODY)
Repeat 4x’s

SET 4:
Calf Raise Round (LEGS)
– 1 min Left Leg Calf Raises
– 1 min Right Leg Calf Raises
– 1 min Both Legs Calf Raises
– rest
Hold weights down by side to make more challenging
Repeat 4x’s
xo- Olivia

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