Olivia’s BACK five weeks post pregnancy!!

Well I am 5 weeks post baby, and finally getting a little energy back! On July 5th, my husband and I welcomed William Driver Dial into the world. He is beyond perfect and such a joy. These past weeks after giving birth naturally (not by choice), breastfeeding all the time and at home with a newborn have been crazy! No one prepares you for navigating through that, but yesterday I finally got the go ahead from my doctor to start doing some exercise again! Basically my exercise consists of carrying my Driver around pushing the stroller around my neighborhood, But in between changing diapers and breastfeeding, I’m going to slowly start adding some quick workouts in. I’m going to focus on not trying to get back to my “pre baby body” but embrace my post baby body and make it the best I can. Below is a workout for 5 weeks post baby!

olivias back2 olivias back

olivias back 5

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Olivia’s 5 week Post Pregnancy Workout

20 min burn: (no weights yet)

– 5 mins brisk walk/jog


– 1 min squats
– 1 min knee push ups
– 1 min bicycle crunches

– 30 seconds right leg donkey kicks
– 30 second left leg donkey kicks




– 1 min lunges
Repeat 3x’s

Can’t wait to share my journey or exercising post pregnancy with you guys!

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