Carbon 38 + Olivia’s All Legs Workout

To say it’s a snow day in Nashville is a major understatement. It looks like Colorado in Nashville and I couldn’t be happier about it. If you aren’t planning on sledding today I have the best leg workout that you can do at home. Nobody wants to workout on a snow day, but once you’re done you can go right back to sitting. ­čÖé

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Olivia’s All Legs Workout


Round 1

30 second squats
30 second squat Pulse (stay in a low squat and pulse up and down an inch)
*repeat for 3 minutes total
Rest 90 seconds max

Round 2
On All 4’s |┬áRight Leg First
30 right leg fire hydrants w/kicks (pic above, kick straight back from fire hydrant position)
20 one leg squat hops (standing in a squat position move left leg slightly back and put your left toe on the ground, squat in this position and do small jumps)
Repeat on left leg
20 right leg fire hydrants w/kicks
10 one leg squat hops

Repeat on left leg

Rest 90 seconds max

Round 3
Weighted Squats – 15 – 20lbs
15 Squats (both weights)
15 Squat Jumps (1 Weight)
10 Squats (both weights)
10 Squat Jumps (1 Weight)
5 Squats (both weights)
5 Squat Jumps (1 Weight)
Rest 90 seconds max

Round 4
Weighted Lunges – 10lbs – 15lbs
Walking Lunges 20 Steps
20 No Weight Jump Lunges
Repeat x3
Rest 90 seconds max

Round 5
Abs – Small Med ball or weight
40 Toe Touches (pic above)
30 Russian Twist
Repeat 1x
Enjoy this snow day if you’re in Nashville.
– Olivia

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