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In the fitness fashion world there is a lot of color and pattern to go around. Sometimes the color and pattern are so cute that you can’t help but give in and buy it, but most of the time I end up wearing my black staple pieces to the gym. So today I scrolled through about 138 pages of fitness wear in order to narrow down to my top 25 black athletic clothes and gear. It was a long day.

P. S. Keep scrolling to find my weekly workout.

black out

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Amzie Williams from Shed Fitness in Nashville, Tennessee shared this At Home workout with me and I just love it. Spell your full name with the moves provided. If you don’t know what one of the moves is, you can google it or pick a different letter. If your name is Joe Don Key, that is too short change your name to Olivia Ruth Tomlin Dial because that is my full name. If your name is Joe Don Key my apologies for multiple reasons. ­čÖé

A – 25 situps

B – 50 mountain climbers

C – 1 min plank

D – 15 burpees

E – 25 donkey kicks (each leg)

F – 25 pushups

G – 20 weighted dead lifts

H – 40 weighted jump lunges

I – .15 run or 100 jump and jacks

J – 40 weighted calf raises each leg

K – 20 weighted squats

L – 60 toe thumb standups – bend over and place your thumb on your toes and squat down and stand up, while your fingers remain on your toes.

M – 90 second wall sit

N – 20 weighted upright rows

O – 40 weighted russian twists

P – 40 tricep pushups

Q – 30 second side plank (each side)

R – 25 weighted squat hops, don’t fully jump, stay low and hop after you squat

S – 15 spider burpess – after your in a pushup position bring your knee to your elbow on each side

T – .15 run or 100 jump and jacks

U – 20 weighted overhead triceps pulls

V – 20 weighted bicep curls

W – 20 weighted reverse lunges (each leg)

X – 20 weighted front lunges (each leg)

Y – ┬á20 weighted side lunges (each leg)

Z – 20 weighted sumo squats

Photo by Kelsey Cherry Photography.

– Olivia


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