Arms + Butt + Beyonce

Ivy Park round 2. Still impressed and still loving the new Ivy Park collection by Beyonce.

Speaking of Beyonce, I was really needing to work my bum this week so my weekly workout is focused on gluten and arms. Please note that I am 7 months pregnant and all of those workout pictures of me are from the PAST. ha.

ivypark8 ivypark7 ivypark6

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Weekly Workout

10 min run (or walk if pregnant)

Kettlebell Workout2

12 Weighted Squats

Dumbbell workout1

12 Bicep Curls

Dumbbell workout7
12 Tricep Dips
Dumbbell workout5
12 Weighted Sumo Squats (do on toes like a Plie squat for more of a challenge)
Outdoor Summer Workout3
12 Push-ups (on wall if pregnant)
12 Bent Over Rows (seated if pregnant)
donkey kick
12 Donkey Kicks Each Leg
12 Bird Dogs Each Leg (example video here)
Repeat 3xs

x0 – Olivia

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