Ankle Weight Workout by Olivia

Olivia teamed up with trainer, Amzie Williams, owner  of Shed Fitness, Nashville to create an at home workout using only your body weight, ankle weights and a bench.

VE Ankle Weight Workout

* 2.5 – 5 lb weights

* Repeat 4 times

10 Spider Push-ups (each leg)

  1. Start in the standard push-up position, with your hands under your shoulders and your body in a straight line
  2. As you lower your torso towards the floor, lift one foot off the floor, bend the knee to the side up to hip level.
  3. Repeat this action, alternating side.

10 Single Leg Tricep Dips

  1. Start with your back to the bench, arms on the bench and one leg extended. Bend arms to a 90 degree angle and push back up, switch legs, repeat.
  2. As you dip you arms, extend your leg.

10 Box Jump Burpees (you can also do a regular burpee if you do not have a bench)

  1. Start by jumping onto a taller platform and bending down into a squat.
  2. Jump down and do a push-up with hands on the bench, repeat.

5 Plank Bench Hops/ 5 Pushups

  1. Start with hands on the front of a bench and legs on one side of the bench.
  2. With arms straight and abs tight begin to hop side to side of the bench.
  3. After you have completed 5, drop to one side of bench and complete 5 standard pushups.

Ankle Weight Workout

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– Olivia

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