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Sunday was the 15th anniversary of 9/11. There were hundreds of words written about the event, and many of them were powerful—like this harrowing account from a man who was on the 82nd floor when the first plane hit. Equally fascinating is this oral history of President Bush’s whereabouts for 8 hours that day while he tried to reassure a scared nation and his security staff attempted to keep him safe. It’s long but well worth the read.

In case anyone is still confused about whether it’s okay to photograph someone’s nude body when they have the expectation of privacy, it’s not. Former Playmate Dani Mathers has been banned from her gym and fired from her job for snapchatting a photo of an older woman changing in the locker room. Mathers insinuated in the caption that she was traumatized by the woman’s naked body. Some of us have great bodies and get paid to take our clothes off for a living. The rest of us are forced to use our brains to make money. Here’s hoping someone snapchats Mathers’ futile attempts to do the latter.

Today in weird news…Ryan Seacrest is dating Adriana Lima. I have been deeply affected by this. What hope is there for the rest of us when the hottest women in the world are dating cheesy reality TV producers? Women are already encouraged to settle their whole lives, and now supermodels are joining in. On the other hand, Adriana describes him as charming and handsome in a recent Instagram post so maybe what we have here is a taste issue and not just general resignation.

The new iPhone is available for pre-order. The iPhone 7 is water resistant, has a longer battery life, and most notably, lacks a headphone jack. This has sent owners of $300 headphones off the edge. But there’s no need to toss your rose gold Beats by Dre; for possibly the first time in its history, Apple is including an adaptor with purchase.

What I love this week: Fall clothes. Nasty Gal and Free People have been following me around the internet while I write this. I want everything. If you’re like me, you lie to yourself that it’s necessary to spend more in September when the weather starts to change. Let’s delude ourselves together, and buy ALL the boots.

I’ll leave you with this video of Justin Bieber singing an acoustic version of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. OK Selena, I get it now.

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