24 Hours In San Francisco

Experiencing any city in 24 hours can be tricky. You want to have the fullest day you can, but still be able to actually enjoy your time. I recently had 24 hours to explore San Francisco and had one of the most awesome days I’ve had in a long time.  Here is what I did and learned about taking in a city in just one day:

1. Be a tourist.Not to say I’m “too cool” for touristy parts of town, but most of the time in a city, I like to live like the locals do and not focus as much on the big tourist sites. I feel like this gives me the true feel of the city. However, in my quick trip to San Fran there were just a few places I really had to see.

The’ Full House’ House. Duh.  I lived out all of my childhood dreams and did a drive by of the house where Full House was shot (or atleast the outside). Obviously I grew up watching this show and just had this inner child need to go see the house. The neighbors are super annoyed by all of the tourist, so that made for an interesting visit, but we saw it, I feel complete. Done.

Alcatraz. We didn’t actually have time to do the Alcatraz tour, so that will need to happen on the next trip. However, even seeing it from the outside and just hearing the stories about it from around the dock is SO fascinating. Plus it is right next to a semi-fish market area where you can walk up to a stand and get bowls of fresh, crab, lobster and shrimp. It was delicious!

The Golden Gate Bridge. This just felt like a San Fran must. It got really foggy towards the afternoon of our day, but we were still able to atleast drive over the bridge and see most of it. I am both terrified and intrigued by bridges and this one is pretty epic. Other than a cable car, there really is no picture that says San Francisco better.2. Go somewhere that screams “if these walls could talk.”

Haight-Ashbury is where people like the Grateful Dead and the Beatles used to hang. It was literally where peace, love and rock and roll happened. It’s now a beautiful street in San Fran that is full of cool vintage shops and little places to eat. I will always find the vintage area of any town, it’s my favorite thing to do in every city. You really never know what you will find. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s always an interesting experience.I found an amazing vintage Levi’s Jacket that still needs a home and this awesome white, rocker belt. Happy girl.

3. Ask a Bartender.

It’s pretty obvious that when you are traveling the food and drink aspect is a huge part of the trip. However, sometimes finding good places is hard and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know the city. Yelp! is my favorite app for searching places, the reviews are pretty on point, but if you don’t feel like researching for hours, ask a bartender where to go. While in San Fran, we were looking for a cool place to celebrate my boyfriends birthday. We looked online for a while, tried out Yelp! and eventually just walked down to the bar in our hotel and asked the bartender for suggestions. We told him our vibe, what we needed (atmosphere, good food and cocktails) and he suggested this little jazz club/restaurant around the corner. It is nowhere we ever would have known about or been able to find online, but it was absolutely awesome. Great food, live jazz music and a speakeasy vibe that fit exactly what we were looking for. The locals know best and it’s a bartender’s business so ask for help!

The jazz club is called Black Cat, find it here!

Here is my Instagram story from that day to give you all the vibes!


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