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Welcome back to Shit You Should Know. I would wish you a happy Wednesday, but this rainy, dreary, depressing day in Nashville means I only vaguely remember what happiness feels like. Let’s get through it together.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2—a movie about children killing each other in a government-sponsored murder tournament—opens nationwide this weekend just in time for some family-friendly Thanksgiving entertainment. Go see it and remind your kids to give thanks for a life without torture and suffering, at least until they’re old enough for wedding season.

Speaking of violence for sport, Ronda Rousey received the first loss of her career against boxer Holly Holm this past weekend. To say this was an upset would be an epic understatement. Just proves that nobody is unbeatable—except for me in a nacho eating competition. Some things can’t be taught.

Paris was the site of several coordinated terrorist attacks on Friday. The attacks, which consisted of three groups of armed suicide bombers, left 129 people dead. The terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility, resulting in the overnight bombings of ISIS targets in Raqqa, Syria by the French military. A detailed breakdown of the suspects, most of whom were French citizens, can be found here.

What I hate this week: My Facebook newsfeed. Everyone’s outraged by Caitlyn Jenner’s Woman of the Year award… or President Obama’s commitment to accepting Syrian refugees… or maybe it’s whatever Donald Trump said this week. It’s hard to keep up. Can we just get back to pictures of dogs and babies?

I’ve hidden so many people that my feed keeps running out of stories, which is a thing I didn’t even know could happen…

Sorry, Lori. Maybe make new friends? ¯_(ツ)_/¯  —The Facebook Team

What I love this week:  Drinking up to 5 cups of coffee a day may reduce your risk of an early death. Between this news and the 116 year old woman who eats bacon every day, I feel confident that I’m going to live forever. It’s science.

See you next Wednesday, when I’ll elaborate on the health benefits of daily wine consumption and laying in bed until noon.


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  1. “Between this news and the 116 year old woman who eats bacon every day, I feel confident that I’m going to live forever. It’s science.” Love it 🙂 And I’m with you on the Facebook feed…over it.

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