Why You Should Use Natural Cleaning Products

As most of you know I try to keep my life clean. Not actually physically clean (I wish, I’m super messy), but clean eating, clean ingredients, supplements and this even goes for household cleaners. I just started this one in the past year. I think it’s probably one that some would argue against, but my question will always be why not? If we have an option of something that may be less harmful for our insides, why not use it??? Here are some of the reasons I’ve leaned into natural cleaning products:

1. Healthier Home Environment

Not being exposed to all the harmful chemical cleaning products is huge for our bodies! Clean products will not leave lingering residues for us to constantly inhale or touch. Better air quality is really important in the world we now live in.

2. Safer Products

These products will not leave chemical burns to our skin or eyes. We all thought antibacterial products were important, but really the bacterias just create a resistance. Ingredients are always clearly labeled, so you see all the absent harmful chemicals we have all been overexposed too.

3. Cost-Effective

You can mix equal parts of vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice and have a really great universal home cleaner. Check out wellnessmama.com for more recipes and tricks!


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