How To Throw The Perfect Picnic

The last few days the weather in Nashville has been pretty much perfect. I just want to be outside even though I’m not  really what you might call the outdoorsy type. I like beaches, does that count? What’s that quote? “I’m outdoorsy in that I like to sit on a patio and drink”…..or something like that. Yeah, that’s me.

picnic 1

However, I will say that when the weather is beautiful and I want any excuse to do something outside. One thing I have been thinking about since I went to the Farmer’s Market last weekend is a picnic. Last Tuesday was one of these beautiful days and I literally landed in Nashville, ran home to change and grab a bottle of champagne and meet some friends at the Farmer’s Market. It really got me thinking about how to plan an awesome picnic or why I would ever even do that and what I would bring. Since it’s finally pretty again outside, I thought I would share my ideas for anyone else looking for fun things to do outside.

Reasons To Have A Picnic:

  • Sunday Funday with friends
  • Day at the lake
  • Day trip to somewhere fun—river, waterfall, hike
  • Park with your dogs


picnic 2

My Outfit:

picnic edit

Also, Champagne from One Hope Wine is never a bad idea. They donate part of their proceeds to charity, so basically you are drinking for a cause. 🙂



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