The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming up on June 21. I don’t know why this is, but I really struggle every year with what to get my dad on Father’s Day. Mine is pretty tricky, because his birthday is actually June 18th. Double gift whammy. Of course like most dads he doesn’t ever even want me to give him a gift, I think he’s just as content with a card or a phone call. However, I think my dad is pretty awesome, so I want to show some appreciation and give back even a tiny bit of what he has given me.

This year, I decided to ask for a little help with my shopping. I called our friends at The Bobby Bones Show and asked for their thoughts on any gift ideas. I also did lots of research and found some pretty cool things out there for guys that could make for a really nice Father’s Day gift. I think we have pretty much every kind of dad covered, in different price ranges, with all of these gift ideas. Hope it helps! Here is what we found!

Quick and Easy Shopping Guide for All Kinds of Dad’s


In talking to Amy about Father’s Day, she told me that she decided to get her hubby, Ben, some gifts this year in celebration of their upcoming adoption. Even though there adoption isn’t final yet, they’ve been matched with two kiddos and Amy definitely considers her husband a dad. So, what does a wife get her husband that is a “soon to be” dad???

Amy knows the simple way to say: “You’re going to be an awesome dad!” to her husband is by making him his favorite cake in the whole wide world. For those of you interested in a recipe or just an awesome video of Amy and her sister doing Michael Jackson dance moves as they bake….click here.

Two other great gift ideas by Amy:

Amy prints all out lots of her Instagram photos though a company called Artifact Uprising.

artifact edit

They offer these awesome wood block and prints that she decided Ben definitely needs full of pics of their future kiddos to put on his desk. Love this idea! Find them here.

Lastly, Ben’s summertime drink of choice is a Moscow Mule. So, when the kids do arrive, there will certainly be a celebratory cocktail. Everyone needs a cool copper mug to drink their mule out of!

mule new

Find some great ones here!


I also talked a lot about Father’s Day with Eddie from The Bobby Bones Show. Eddie has two small kids, so his Father’s Day looks a little different. Most years the things Eddie likes the most are the gifts that his kids make themselves. Part of the joy of having little ones is seeing what they create….also makes for great memories or even blackmail as they get older šŸ˜‰

eddie edit 1

Find some really cute ideas on handmade Father’s Day gifts here!

Not to down play the love of the handmade gift, Eddie DID also mention his love for the Dollar Shave Club. Another great Father’s Day Gift idea.

Hope this gives you guys lots of ideas of great gifts for DAD! To all the dad’s out there….thanks for all that you do!! Happy Father’s Day!





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