I’ve Been Getting A lot of Messages…..about me. Answers here.

Today I posted a new podcast answering some of the main questions I get from you guys repeatedly. Since Velvet’s Edge is growing so much, I figured I would give those answers a place to live for newbies to go back and reference.

I’m super uncomfortable and terrible at talking about myself, so I am so grateful that my sweet friend Amy (@radioamy), from the Bobby Bones Show, put me in the hot seat and asked all the questions.

We covered questions about what exactly I do for a living as a celebrity hair and makeup artist/sometimes stylist, a blogger, podcaster and now reality tv personality. I also told stories from my oddest days on set, biggest celebrity siting and obviously gave updates on my love life since Very Cavallari, Season 1 is now over. You can find that podcast wherever you listen to podcast, just search ‘Velvet’s Edge’ or click here to listen on Spotify and iTunes!

For more info about my “Day Job,” find my hair/makeup/styling website here.

As you will notice on my website, there are a lot of guys under the hair and makeup section, which Amy and I mentioned in the podcast, is called “grooming.” Grooming is basically hair cuts, beard trims, cleaning up skin, covering bags, other problem areas and just all around making sure my guys look the like the best versions of themselves without looking like they have tons of makeup on or spent hours on the hair. My mentality with guys is less is more, they are rockstars not drag queens, ya know? Love my queens too, but not the look for my country singers.

I also answered some more frequently asked questions like “what is your favorite mascara?” and “does anyone else write for VE?’ on the ‘About’ section of velvetsedge.com! Find that here!


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