My Favorite Things This Week

The Sinus Rinse

This is probably the least glamorous thing I’ve posted as a favorite thing, but also maybe the most necessary. If other cities are anything like Nashville right now, everything is blooming like crazy and my allergies for one are KILLING ME. I’ve been doing this sinus rinse about every other day to open me and up and clear congestion and help with headaches. Make sure to use purified water! Happy rinsing.

The Lucite Heel

I love a lucite heel. I know ya’ll have seen me wear mine all the time but they are just so chic and the perfect twist on a neutral shoe. I am loving this pair!

The Outdoor Glass

Let’s actually call this the outdoor glass that looks like the indoor glass. I am loving World Market’s outdoor dining line because it looks cool and fancy, but is actually acrylic and will not break. I went to an outdoor party last week (more to come) and the host used all of their outdoor dinnerware and I’ve basically ordered all of it now. This glass is one of my faves!

The “Do Less” Tee

These past couple of months have been absolutely crazy for me. I am not complaining, I am super fortunate to have a job that I love that allows me to travel cool places with amazing humans but I saw this tee and immediately added it to my cart. I need this reminder on the daily.

The Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp

This is a second timer to my favorite things, so basically you know it is amazing. If you listened to the VE Podcast this week, you know that Radio Amy and I did our entire podcast in the dark, only by the light of this lamp. Why you ask? Because it is calming, comforting and clears your mind. I also have one next to my bed at home and use it every single day. Something about the warmth of the light just makes me happy. It is also supposed to purify the air, so, added bonus there.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet with Amy, the cohost of the Bobby Bones Show, listen here!


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VE Podcast Recap: Amy Brown, co-host of The Bobby Bones Show