My Favorite Things: Dinnerware Edition

If you have been following Velvet’s Edge this year, you know that I recently gave my place a little face lift. (You can find the posts about what I did here, here, here and here). Part of that process was ordering new dinnerware as mine was old and chipped and just needing to move on. All of my new stuff finally came in and I love it all so much. Linking below for you guys to shop! I found really great prices on everything too- added bonus!

I used to have all white dinnerware and decided I wanted to do something darker. Loving the black matte of the large plates and soup bowls I got. They clean very easily and look super chic.

I will note that the app plate is a little smaller in person than I expected. However, it still works for me. If you felt like you would need more space, you may want to just stick with the matte black app plate that comes with the set I have.

I found these coffee mugs at a different store than my plates and bowls, but they match perfectly and were a great deal price wise! Click the pic to shop.

Obviously I need wine glasses. Duh. Sadly, I am a klutz or just not graceful enough for fancy ones, so I opted for these small jelly jars to use as wine classes. Much harder to break and you can throw them in the dishwasher! Who has time to hand wash anything ya know?

Last but not least, black matte silverware. I just like to be different. I decided I wanted the main pop to be with that on my app plates and opted to keep the silverware in line with the dinnerware. It all feels very chic with heavy NYC vibes.

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