Instagram Life: From Kelly

What is Instagram Life?

SO basically this new series, Instagram Life, is our way of taking our favorite moments from the past few weeks from Instagram and expanding on that moment . In other words, it’s pretty much our way of not becoming those annoying people who posts innappropriately long Instagram captions.

For example:

This was one of my favorite moments from the past few weeks.

insta life lake

My caption for this pic was: “Oh hi, Sunday Funday!” #velvetsedge #sundayfunday

Cute and simple.

If my caption had read: “Oh hi, Sunday Funday! I’m SO happy you are here and that I get you! My boyfriend and I both travel SO much for work that it is SO rare to have a day in Nashville where we are BOTH off and can come out on the beautiful lake on such a beautiful day! We even brought a couple friends with us and had some fun cocktails and laid on this raft ALL day and soaked up the sun! ­čÖé #velvetsedge #sundayfunday #boyfriend #friends #love #sun #laughs #happyhour #alldaylong #blessed

That would be annoying. A lot of you guys might even unfollow us for that.

Therefore we created this new series called Instagram Life. I promise we won’t use so many capital letters or hashtags in this series, but we will give you a little glimpse into our lives and some of the fun things happening.

There was one time in the past few weeks  that I did post an innappropriately long Instagram caption. In my defense, April made me do it. This was the pic and the caption was a full description of all of the makeup I used that day to achieve this look.

insta life new makeup

The caption was so long. I felt strange about it from the get go and a little shame after posting it honestly, but the truth is that lots of you have requested more beauty post. You ask and you shall receive. In fact, April and I have been looking to bring a lot of new things to the table that we are really excited about. The first being more beauty and interior posts. Not only will we write about the top trends in both of those fields, but starting tomorrow we will also be featuring how-to videos!

In other “news,” we also brought on a news gal to join the VE team (see what I did there?). If you missed Lori’s first post from her series In the News: Shit You Should Know, don’t miss it again this week and every Wednesday. She’s informative in the most hilarious way.

Last, but certainly not least, our girl Olivia has been killing it with fitness and will now be bringing you top fitness fashion, trends and workouts EVERY Friday. It’s Fitness Friday y’all. Get ready.

That was a long way to say, lots of movin’ and shakin’ happening on the VE forefront and we could not be more excited about it. After all… Beyonce would say (and you know I love a good Beyonce quote)….who run the world?? #girls #yep

insta life K & A




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