5 Things To Do Daily To Feed Your Soul

Today’s dilemma: How do I write a post about inner beauty without being cheesy?

I have to be honest. It is a big internal conflict for me to constantly talk about how make yourself “beautiful” on the outside. Although it is my job as both a beauty/fashion professional and a blogger to report on these things, I feel like a lot of my day to day life, especially recently, is spent focusing on how to better myself on the inside.

While I am certainly no self help expert or motivational speaker, I know the conversation of inner beauty and soul searching is something I really crave.

So, here’s what I came up with – 5 things I do on the daily to work on my insides. Maybe there are some things you can incorporate in your life and maybe you have some things that you do that you could share we me! I would love to hear what works for you guys and what feeds your soul.

1. Read something that challenges your brain and heart. My current read is Rising Strong by Brene Brown. It’s taking me awhile to finish this guy, but when I do pick it up I always learn something new. Brene Brown addresses a lot of shame stuff and talks about how to live a whole hearted life as your true self. Click the pic below to find Rising Strong as well as some other books that I have loved over the past few years.

2. Download Gratitude App. Style Blue Print just published an awesome blog about how gratitude changes your brain and health. Find it here. In the blog they talked about the Five Minute Journal app that starts your day by sending you a positive quote. You can also set specific settings to get reminders to set gratitude list or receive questions like “what will I do to make today great?” I am downloading this today and can’t wait to start. I feel like it’s such an awesome idea to get the reminders because it will make me stop in the day and think about gratitude, verses just rushing through the day.

3. Establish a support group that you talk to weekly. Something that has been HUGE for me in the last few years, is to be a part of a group of people striving for the same soul growth and health that I keep working on. They keep me accountable and we share our experiences and challenges with each other.

4. H.A.L.T. – Sometimes I move so fast that I neglect taking care of myself. Hence the cleanse, detox, revival of a healthcare plan this year. When I start to feel myself lagging or cranky, I now ask myself “Am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired?” Sounds pretty simple and maybe a bit cliche, but it genuinely is usually one of these things. Answering the question makes it easy to stop what I am doing and take care of whatever that thing is.

5. Daily Affirmations. This one feels a little silly to write down, but it really does help! I googled positive affirmations last month and printed out a bunch of sentences of affirmations. I cut them up and put them in a jar in my bathroom and I read one every day while I’m getting dressed. I am my own worst critic, so reading a positive self affirmation every morning, helps me to start my day talking kindly to myself versus tearing myself down. Find some affirmations here.

What do you do to feed your soul? Comment below!

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