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Last week we were featured in an article that broke down how we started, who we are and what we love about VE! Thought we would share. Leave us any comments of other questions you may have!


What started as a creative outlet for two best friends, has unwittingly become a prominent, highly-curated lifestyle blog that serves as a one-stop-shop for all things fashion, beauty, home + design, health + fitness and even news. Their continually growing audience and 36K Instagram followers visit the elegantly edgy content curated by the writers of Velvet’s Edge – all 4 of them to be exact!- daily.

ve-girlsThis week Behind the Screen, co-founders April Tomlin and Kelly Henderson, give us the inside scoop on the Velvet’s Edge closely knit team of writers – each experts on their own subjects, their own style and their own inspirations.

april-and-kelly-2rewardStyle: For those who are just being introduced to Velvet’s Edge, could you share a bit about each of the both of you, your friendship and how Velvet’s Edge came to be?

Kelly + April: We laugh about it now, but we started Velvet’s Edge after both going through terrible breakups and just needing a hobby to get us off the couch. Guess we should thank our ex-boyfriends for being so awful. Ha!

rS: What were the qualities that drew you together, and with each of your interests being so unique, how did you create the cohesive brand that is Velvet’s Edge?

K + A: I think we quickly realized that our core values lined up similarly. We are both strong-minded women who live life with a little edge. Even though our specific interests are different, we approach life from very similar places.

olivias back 5rS: Today, you have four contributors creating unique content for Velvet’s Edge. Could you share a bit about Olivia and Lori and their features? And has broadening your brand voice and expanding your content variety brought a new audience to your site?

K + A: We started expanding VE by bringing Olivia to the site as our resident fitness girl because we both wanted her toned body. We appreciated that she didn’t diet incorrectly or do anything unhealthy to achieve it, but really put in the work and developed an attainable diet and workout routine. We are both really busy and travel a lot, so we selfishly wanted workouts that we could do and incorporate into our lives. Olivia’s workouts are killer – but doable and focus on the different areas we both want to target. Let’s be real, if you can see a picture of her butt and NOT want to do her workout routine, you are crazy! She is also an excellent cook. She has done a few recipes thus far, but you will see more of that in the future.

Lori was a no-brainer for us. She has been a good friend of ours for years and we have always had huge respect for her talent as a writer. It was the perfect addition to have some wit and pop culture added into our other categories. Her ‘Shit You Should Know’ articles have quickly developed a cult like following. We personally read them, to keep up with her sharp, very funny opinions on what’s going on in the world.

Their articles help to make Velvet’s Edge what it is because each girl has so much talent to bring to the table and their own following.

sysk 15“Never sell yourself short. Get in touch with who you are and own it.”shoesrS: You all currently reside in Nashville, TN. In fact, we got to see a glimpse of it from your eyes in a recent edition of’s #TakeoverTuesday. If you had one day only to spend in Nashville, what are your absolute must-sees and must-dos in Music City?

K: My favorite thing about Nashville is that there are so many different quaint areas and cute restaurants and wine bars. My favorite thing is do dinner and drinks with friends in 12th South, East Nashville or Germantown. Since Nashville is growing so fast, there is literally always somewhere new to try.

A: If I only had one day in Nashville, I would start my day at Tavern and have the Monkey Bowl for brunch. I would take a stroll down 12th South and go in all of the cute stores and stop by all of the flower and food trucks. I would definitely do dinner at one of the M Street restaurants and bounce around through those bars first, since they are all on the same street (San Anejo, Virago, Whiskey Kitchen and Kayne Prime.) Last, I would head to Broadway and just pop my head into the bars to see which one fit my vibe. But your vibe would need to be country regardless.

rS: What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs looking to establish a brand presence as you have with Velvet’s Edge?

K + A: Never sell yourself short. Get in touch with who you are and own it! Seek inspiration somewhere other than yourself. Seek and accept feedback. Don’t be afraid to evolve and be different. And last but not least bust your ass. Hard work sometimes goes farther than talent.

chokerrS: We love your “How April Wore It” and “How Kelly Wore It” columns. April, how would you describe Kelly’s style? And Kelly, April’s?

K: Hmmmm…..well April’s current style is VERY PREGNANT. However, on a normal basis I think she is a perfect mix of edgy and classic. I’m always impressed by her pairing together of simple pieces with something edgy to spice it up.tom cruise3

boots4A: Kelly is not afraid to make a statement, but her overall vibes are usually a very natural -make-up, wavy hair, a vintage tee and leather jacket. She also loves the 70′s and is inspired by that decade. The thing with Kelly is she has a model like body, so she can pull off A LOT of different looks, which is great for our readers.

vintage tee

long-dress-feature“To bloggers starting in the industry, I would say buckle down, do the work and keep at it.”

rS: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? What would be your advice to bloggers who are just starting out in the industry?

K: The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was to follow my bliss. Life is too short to not make it one you love. To bloggers starting in the industry I would say buckle down, do the work and keep at it. We literally get told on a daily basis by someone who tried to start blogging and quit that they never realized how much work it is. And it is! Blogging takes a lot of time, so make sure you are blogging about something you love and just keep it true to you – it makes it all worth it and fun!

A: The best piece of advice I have received is to create your life, don’t settle for it. I was settling for a time and then just went out and full fledge started my own design firm, as well as Velvet’s Edge. It was terrifying, but after years of putting in long hours, waking up at 6am to get a post done for VE before I have to start working with members of my interior team, squeezing in a photoshoot in the middle of client meetings, or sacrificing some of my personal life, I can say it is worth it. Now I can put more attention to the most important things, which are my husband and my daughter, and the business part is more stable.

scarf-and-beanie1rS: April – you are expecting a baby girl! Congrats! What is the most fun thing about dressing the bump? And the most challenging?

A: Nothing is fun about dressing the bump. I know I shouldn’t say that, but I just did. Ha! Seriously, it is very challenging to dress the bump at all stages. In the beginning, you just look like you have gained a little weight. So things you normally wear are hard to wear, but you can’t start wearing baggy things just yet. Then you decide you are ready for The Maxi Dress, because that is literally the go to preggo outfit. Somehow, I got so big so quickly that the maxi dress started making me look like a whale. Then I moved into the leggings and bigger top phase. And I am currently in a leggings, tight LOOOOONG top, with a cardigan that goes to my ankle phase. Every woman is different, but every fashion blogger that is constantly shooting photos while her body is changing in very unpredictable ways should get a high five.

ababyshower10rS: Your brand has grown and evolved outstandingly over the past several years. How do you see it continuing to grow and evolve into the future?

K: We have bounced around so many ideas of where we want the brand to go. We are always open to different growth opportunities and following where our lives naturally seem to be going. We are throwing husbands, babies, traveling and new jobs all into our real lives, so I’m sure that Velvet’s Edge will naturally mimic some of those changes and who knows….the sky is the limit!

A: Agree 1000% with Kelly. Since there are 4 of us and each of us have basically 2 careers and life changing things, we try to not be so rigid. Where we are is where we are. It’s not pretty all of the time.

interiors-1rS: has been live for just over a month now and Velvet’s Edge was involved in the launch! April, as an interior design aficionado, how would you describe your design aesthetic? And what is your favorite design trend of the moment?

A: My natural aesthetic is super eclectic. I change my home constantly. I am drawn to neutrals, modern lines, large pieces of art, wood, and lots of pattern. It’s tricky with clients, they come to me for a certain look, but I have to bring who they are and how they live to life in their space. I can’t just think about what I like. I will say that my design aesthetic has softened since I have been pregnant, which is weird. My favorite design trend of the moment is this forest green color for smaller rooms, or hallways. It’s a deep green that almost looks black, but is obviously green. I haven’t found the perfect shade yet, but it is a goal before pregnancy.

interiors-2rS: Kelly – we’re obsessed with your beauty posts and tutorials. What are your can’t-live-without products for travel? And your #1 skin care tip?

makeup-oversizeK: That is an awesome question! I never travel without Elta Md Sunscreen and as simple as it sounds, Aquaphor! It is a game changer. Traveling always dries me out, so I load my lips up and also use it to moisturize my hands! Which leads me to my #1 skin care tip: always moisturize! (click pics to shop)

rS: What is the best thing about collaborating on Velvet’s Edge? And the most challenging?

K + A: Best thing… there are two brains and two creative opinions. Most challenging… there are two brains and two creative opinions!



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