April’s Baby Shower Breakdown

This past weekend 10 of my very best friends in the world came together to throw me a baby shower. The pictures really say it all. It was beautiful.

There were so many special details on top of the gorgeous flowers, amazing food, and cake that I am still eating three days later. So I am just going to list them out in case you are throwing a shower and want to copy.:)

1.The take home gift were THESE cute bracelets that support providing fair income for women in Brazil and Africa. I cry a lot these days, but this really sweet take home gift really got me.


2. There was a handmade sign right when you walk in, that said You Are Loved.  The sign was sitting right beside a table of small wooden hearts from Micheal’s that everyone wrote a note on when they walked in.

3. Balloons that spelled B-A-B-Y and E-V-E-R-L-Y filled both rooms.

4. My VE preggo photos were spread throughout, since I never took any maternity photos and don’t plan to.

The shower was just everything. There is a shoutout to all hosts at the bottom.

ababyshower6 ababyshower5 ababyshower4 ababyshower3 ababyshower2This group pic was at the very end so we are missing a few girls…. Margaret, Hayley, Nicolle, and Cassie, you were missed.ababyshower1All my VE girls. This was not the best pic so black and white it is. 🙂ababyshowerpp1ababyshower10My dress – click on image below to shop

ababyshower9The hosts.

These incredible women (Jami, Olivia, Candice, Sarah, Keatyn, Rebecca, Abby, Lori, Jessica, not pictured Kelly Henderson) divided and conquered each task down to bringing in a helium tank to blow up the balloons, hand making a sign for me, and nailing the decor in my favorite neutrals. Thank you to each of you, every detail was magical. And thank you to Olivia for hosting this at your home with a 7 week old, as well as Clare and Allison who stepped in to help get everything set up and spray paint some of the table decor. haha.

Amazing photos by Katelyn Rutledge. 

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