9 Things You Need To Know Before Dating An Outgoing Introvert

For all the outgoing introverts like me, something to give your significant other, friends, family or anyone who is perplexed by you! 🙂

“I don’t know how to be anything other than intense. I don’t know how to experience without feeling too much and thinking too much. I am always searching, always questioning, and always trying to find the meaning in everything. I am passionate and I am deep, and sometimes I am misunderstood, but I am finally okay with that.”


So, the world has introverts and the world has extroverts, and then there’s us. Falling somewhere in between the lines.

We find people intriguing, but insanely exhausting.

We like adventures, but love peace and quiet.

We want to go out, but need to mentally prepare ourselves.

We are terrible at texting back, but can sit and listen to someone speak for hours.

We are outgoing introverts.

We are rare, creative, and magical creatures. We are full of depth, emotion, and passion all mixed together and baked in a beautiful pie.

If you happen to get the opportunity to meet someone such as us, then you need take into consideration these important facts.

We want you to understand what we are made of before we give you any piece our heart.

1. We live in our minds. We constantly have dialogue going on in our minds. This is when our introvert creeps out. We are overanalyzing everything you’re saying, breaking down each word, all the while, trying to figure you out.

2. We don’t do the small talk bullshit. We know it’s hot outside, so you don’t have to remind us. We are intrigued by what makes you, you. Tell us about the deep corners of your heart that you don’t share with anyone. Tell us you’re most embarrassing moment. Tell us your fears, your goals, your thoughts, because we need that.

3. We hate small talk, so we hate first dates. We will most likely decline your offer of dinner on the first date, because that all involves small talk. We will immediately shut down and become extremely uncomfortable. We need something fun to channel the energy.

4. We can go either way when it comes to going out. We pay close attention to the environment, the vibe, the music, and the setting. If we feel comfortable, then we become the life of the party and are often confused of being an extrovert, but if we aren’t feeling it, then we shut down. We become standoffish, and completely reflective in our minds. Be patient with us.

5. We can’t meet all of your friends at once. Trust me, we want to meet every single person that is in your life. When it comes to outgoing introverts we cannot handle too many people at once, because it becomes completely exhausting. So, please let us take our time.

6. We always want others to feel comfortable. You’ll think we are being flirty, but we want others to always feel comfortable so we will go out of our way to do that. If that means giggling at someone’s awful joke, then we will put on our fake laugh.

7. We sometimes need to recharge. After a long day at work, the last thing we want to do is have to socialize anymore. We need our time to disappear, to recharge, and to get back in tune with ourselves. Don’t be offended if we don’t text you back or ask to be alone, because we really need this time.

8. We are like private investigators. We live for figuring other people out. We will look into what makes your irritable, what makes you happy, or even look for signs if you are trying to deceive us. You can’t lie to us, because we will find out.

9. You’ll never fall in love with anyone else quite like us. We want to know you. We want to know the pieces of your being. We are confident, grounded, happy, and adventurous. We are also self-conscious, reserved, quiet, and curious. We will make you feel like the most important person in the entire world, but we may need a little extra love on our quiet days.

Brace yourself, it’s a hell of a ride.

Article found on thoughtcatalog.com.



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  1. Well done! Horray for us standoffish, yet over the top freaks!!!! LOVE you sista—-Leah

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