5 Things Giving Me Life Right Now

I think all of us go through times of extreme busyness. I have been going through one of those times. In fact, last weekend I found myself feeling like a ton of bricks collasped on my chest and the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Makes for some pretty heavy lifting when you are even doing simple things like getting out of bed. For me this always goes back to needing more of a “let go and let God” mentality, but it also called for a little TLC. I honestly would like to fly off to some tropical island for a week…..no….a month and recoup and relax and get my head screwed back on straight, but since my money tree didn’t bloom with everything else in Nashville, I’ve been using these 5 things to get back to a not-so-chaotic inside.

1. Hot Yogahot yoga

What I’ve noticed about me during extreme times of stress is that I hold all of my tension that I’m feeling in my body. Honestly, just my entire body clamps up and I don’t even realize how tightly I’m holding everything. Eventually everything just starts to ache. Hot yoga works wonders for this. It’s tough, not gonna lie, but I leave feeling like I just realeased stress and toxins and my body feels relaxed and like I can move again. I go to Hot Yoga East in Nashville.

2. Scary Close

sc-full-760x483When it comes to relationships and how we interact with people, I personally think I will never stop learning and growing. I just started this book Scary Close by Donald Miller and it has given me so much insight into different dynamics of relationships and opened my eyes to what it means to be truly intimate in relationships. Scary sometimes, as the title says, but also so rewarding when I put some of these new thoughts into practice. Also very helpful as a communication aid during major times of stress. I give this book three thumbs up.

3. Barely Famous


When I am chaotic and busy, I tend to take life waaaayy to seriously. Sometimes I just need to laugh and be reminded that life can be fun. Barely Famous by Sarah and Erin Foster is running a tight race with Girls for shows that make me laugh. I literally laugh out loud multiple times an episode. The sisters are two beautiful, smart and extremely clever girls who grew up in LA with a famous father, David Foster (producer, composer and most importantly currently married to RHOBH star Yolanda Foster). The entire show is a “reality show” poking fun at reality shows and their lives. It’s scripted, but in the best way. Honestly y’all, really, really funny. Check it out.

4. Eating Clean


So, didn’t know I was a stress eater, but after the last few weeks I have determined that I am. I have basically survived on chips and coffee. Medication to me. The problem being that I have zero energy and my skin looks bad and my under eye circles are dark and my life feels depressing. It’s amazing what eating my veggies and taking out all the junk can do. The last five days I have not eaten processed food and just stuck to gluten free oatmeal for breakfast or a Glowing Green Smoothie, salad for lunch and fish and veggies at night. Mostly. I mean, there was some sushi in there somewhere and a Kind Bar or two, but just trying to put things into my body that my body needs, not what I think I want. It has made the biggest difference in my energy levels (oh and I’ve cut back on the coffee)….and also just mood and tolerance for life. There is something major to be said about food being fuel and what we put into our bodies really making a difference. It matters for me for sure.

5. Simplifying/ getting back to basics

Sometimes I feel like a hamster in that wheel thing they have in there cage. I’m going, going, going, running, running, running….and just don’t even know where to. Just running around with a million trillion things in my head….around and around in circles. The best thing I can do for myself is jump off that damn wheel. Sadly it means saying no to some things and having boundaries with others. Two things that I really just don’t like to do. But in the long term, I am a better version of me for doing it. I think sometimes I think life has to be filled and grandiose to be something meaningful. I think I’m starting to see that maybe it’s the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, the big, the grand, the exciting….it’s all great, but too much of anything is just no good. Sometimes simplifying and just focusing on my basic needs is where I find the most peace and serenity and then in turn where I find the energy for everything else.



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