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I recently got to carve out a little bit of our home for some workspace. I wanted to create a space that would allow Kelly and my  design gals to come over and brainstorm, be inspired, as well as, do real work like billing. UGH! I am constantly cutting photos out of magazines so I needed some place to easily pin them. I knew I wanted a separate desk for the billing type of work. I equate this to the feeling of not wanting my biscuits and gravy to touch my eggs on my breakfast plate. I also wanted a circular table to allow for better collaboration. And above all else I wanted to feel happy and inspired while in the space. That’s not too much to ask for…right?!

Soooo, here are a few tips to create a happy work space.

1. Simplify your desk. Key items to keep on your desktop are: iPad, file organizer, pencil/pen container, and notepad. This will provide a clean desktop which promotes creativity.

office tips1

2. Create inspiration boards. This will help you to visualize your ideas and keep the organized. There is no better way to inspire yourself and others. This is also a great place to put photos up of your dream house, car, etc.

office tips

3. Get yourself a rolling cart. This is a must! It can go anywhere you need. It can go anywhere you need and you won’t have to worry about carrying all your “necessities” to a different.


4. Add a circular or square table. Adding this kind of table into your space is key for a collaborative workspace! Any size, round or rectangular kitchen table will do just fine!

office tips2

5. Celebrate! Don’t forget to celebrate in your office. If you’ve had a big win in your career, bring in the people that have helped with that win and celebrate over a couple glasses of wine.


6. Display things you work with. Keep items you use often at arms length by arranging them in jars, baskets or file organizers. This will save you a ton of time when you need to get something quickly. It is also a great decorative feature for your office.


7. White walls and art work! If your office is very busy with colors it can be distracting. With that said, a little art work here and there that you love will relax and comfort you , which is also great for inspiration. White walls are the best way to keep the feeling of a simple and uncluttered office. (As seen in photo 1.)

Hope you find inspiration in the space you work in.





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  1. Once again…on point 🙂 I need those glass/gold shelves, too…text me where you got those haha!

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