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No matter what your profession, I’ve learned over the years the importance of making your working space a place that helps your work grow and flourish. This office was a few years coming for me, but I finally realized I was not getting stuff done while working at home anymore. I also was having a really hard time balancing work/home life and would end up working late into the night most days. I just needed the boundaries. Having a different space for my VE girls and I to work and create has been so freeing honestly. Work is work and home is home.

I have to give credit where credit is due with the decor in this office. My girl Brittany Forrister always kills it and truly gets me and creating a space that looks just like me. Follow her on Instagram here for more tips and interior ideas, plus lots of cool vintage finds.

Living Room:

My favorite thing to do in a room (actually in fashion too) is to mix old and new. Finding cool new pieces that a functional and cool and then throwing in some awesome vintage pieces that no one else will find or have. We had these patio chairs re-finished and made them indoor chairs. They are honestly oddly comfortable and I love the cup holders for an eccentric twist. Since the chairs are white, I wanted to colorful pillows and a cozy blanket to take them to the next level. Click pics to shop!

The marble coffee tables were also a vintage find from my girl Brittany. We added some artsy, rock and roll coffee table books to make it feel like home. Click pics to shop!

I’m also very into this rug. It’s the best combo of neutral AND cool. Find it here.

The art in the living room was also a mix of old and new. My friend, Melissa Schleicher, who is also makeup artist to stars like Carrie Underwood (ahem, name drop) also paints and painted that badass black and white drip print. She can do any color and sparkly too, just depending on your style. Find her on instagram @melissaschleicher or on her salon website!


We found this gallery wall at a mix of vintage places, TJ Maxx and Katherine Mason Art. Katherine’s art is the feminine flower, the female body and the DJ. I love her stuff because it feels like it embodies the beauty of women and also the girl boss power. Find her work here.

My Personal Office:

For my office, I stuck with the mix and match idea of old and new. I also really utilized a high/lo mind set. Furniture can get so expensive, so some of the pieces are even from places like target and etsy to keep the cost down.



I wanted to do a paint color I haven’t seen in many places before. On my Instagram, I tend to stick to a black, white and pink palette, so it made total sense to go with pink. My dear friend, Brittany Forrister (who also helped me with my home decor) found this color in Elle Decor called Cinder Rose and we just took it to Sherwin Williams in Nashville and they were able to paint match it. For an added element, we even painted the ceiling. It makes for a cozy and chic room for sure!

Target Finds:

As I mentioned above, I was determined to mix in a few pieces that didn’t break the bank. Money doesn’t grow on trees ya heard??? Click the pics to shop my target finds. (My desk is also from Target, but their website was down while I wrote this post. Will try and find it later!)


Chairs and Pillows:

These chairs are probably my favorite thing in my entire office. I love the shape. I love the cushion. I love the acrylic. Since they are white, I decided to added leopard pillows, because who am I without leopard somewhere around me at all times?


As you can probably tell, vintage pieces are very important to me. I found this rug on eBay, so sadly it’s a one of a kind. However, I did find some similar ones for you guys to shop. I actually turned mine over to the back side (so upside down) because I liked the ruggedness of that side better. Just a tip!


I don’t even really know where to start with this artwork because I’m honestly so obsessed with it I am at a loss for words. Francine Turk is one of my absolute favorite artist and she is so crazy talented it’s beyond. She of course is so talented that her price points are typically beyond my means, however, she is starting a few series of prints of some of her work for art lovers who want something a little more cost friendly. These prints are from her Paris collection and will be out soon for everyone to shop. I promise to keep you posted. Follow her Instagram for updates and to see more of her work. She post small pieces all of the time on the ‘Gram and will also be releasing some very special vault pieces in March! Follow her Instagram here.



This Velvet’s Edge name plate just makes it feel official. If you don’t know, now you know.

MFleur Flowers:

I have said it before, but I can’t be trusted with plants. I kill everything I buy. So, the idea of a flower that last a full year sounds pretty amazing to me. I don’t know how this works, but that’s the deal. These roses last a full year. Love a fresh bloom to brighten any room you know? They also make great birthday, anniversary, random surprise gifts for those you love. You can find my full post with gift ideas here.

Shelf and memorabilia:

I love this shelf and the multiple layers it provides. I also find it really important to surround yourself with things that mean something to you. It makes me smile everyday to see my grandparents marriage pic on that shelf, the mirror ball my client, Bobby Bones, gave me when he won Dancing With The Stars and to even smell my favorite candles from Nella Moon.Ā I also have a little mini fridge on this shelf for beauty products! I keep a lot of my products cold for maximum benefit and am going to start a new series next month telling you the cold beauty product of the week!

Vintage Lamp:

This hanging lamp is also vintage. I’ve had it for so many years now and was saving it in case I ever had a little girl. I thought it would be so cute in a nursery. The Velvet’s Edge office can hold it until then though. šŸ™‚


I have grown a new appreciation for crystals this past year. My brother gave me these for Christmas and I use them for different things in my office. I also talk to my favorite energy healer/psychic/medium about crystals on the Velvet’s Edge Podcast. Click here for a direct link to that episode or just search Velvet’s Edge wherever you listen to podcast!


This office is all about finding inspiration for me. I used these books to teach myself how to do makeup back in the day. BEFORE YOU TUBE this is how we did it people! I love to pick this up whenever I need inspiration or also if I’m feeling down and needing to remind myself of the progress I’ve made through the years.


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